Economic instruments

This section sets out the obligations for Parties on economic instruments related to inland waters. They focus on incentives, market-based mechanisms and valuation, but not the provision of resources, which is dealt with in the section of the same name.

As there are currently only a rather small number of provisions of the biodiversity-related and other environmental conventions on these economic instruments, this is a small section. Most of the provisions come from the Ramsar Convention and the CBD. With the increasing importance that the conventions lend to economic instruments, this section is likely to grow considerably in size over the next years.

Both Ramsar and CBD ask for the promotion of incentives that support conservation and sustainable/wise use of biodiversity and for the removal of perverse incentives that harm biodiversity. An integrated approach to implementing these provisions at the national level would help furthering cooperation between the focal points and agencies in charge of Ramsar and CBD. Similar options are provided when CBD and UNCCD both ask for policies that enhance the value of goods from dry and sub-humid land biodiversity.