Activity 2:Use economic valuation and other market-based mechanisms

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/12, 2 CBD Decision VII/12, Annex II Practical principle 10 of the Addis Ababa Principles and Guidelines for Sustainable Use of Biodiversity states that international and national policies should take into account current and potential values derived from the use of biodiversity, intrinsic and other non-economic values of biodiversity, and market forces affecting the values and use.

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision V/23, 3 CBD Decision V/23, Annex Activity 7g of the programme of work on dry and sub-humid lands is about the economic valuation of the biodiversity of dry and sub-humid lands, and the development and use of economic instruments and the promotion of adaptive technologies that enhance productivity of dryland ecosystems. Activity 9d aims for the development of markets for products derived from the sustainable use of biodiversity in dry and sub-humid lands.

Author Commentary 3

UNCCD Decision 1/COP.6, 14 The following areas are provided as examples for this recommended activity: cash crop and livestock production, aquaculture, recreation, ecotourism and adherence by the mining/extraction industry to codes of sustainable land use practice.