Activity 12: Manage forest biodiversity

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Component 1: Implement management programmes

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Component 2: Report on actions

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Component 3: Provide information on the management of IAS

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VI/22, 11
CBD Decision VI/22, 18
CBD Decision VI/22, 21
CBD Decision V/4, 7
CBD Decision V/4, 9
CBD Decision VI/22, Annex
The most relevant goal from the programme of work on forest biological diversity is Goal 2: To reduce the threats and mitigate the impacts of threatening processes on forest biodiversity. Objective 1 of this goal is to prevent the introduction of IAS. One activity from objective 4 is also relevant here. Objective 4 aims to prevent and mitigate the adverse effects of forest fires and fire suppression. Activity (i) urges Parties to develop mechanisms, including early warming systems, for exchange of information related to the causes of forest biodiversity loss including IAS.