Activity 16: Facilitate capacity building

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Resolution IX.20, 12
Encourages Parties, non-Parties and multilateral donor organisations to take into account related efforts being undertaken through other MEAs.

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision VII/11, 10c
CBD Decision VII/11, 10d
CBD Decision VII/11, 14
CBD Decision VII/11, Annex
This suite of decisions overlaps, and expansion of knowledge on IAS should be taken into consideration under the guidelines for implementing an ecosystem approach.

Author Commentary 3

CBD Decision VI/5, 1b
CBD Decision V/5, Annex
The relevant programme element form the programme of work for agricultural biodiversity is Programme element 3: capacity building.

Author Commentary 4

CBD Decision VI/19, 3b
CBD Decision VI/19, Annex
The relevant programme element from the programme of work on CEPA is Programme element 2: exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Author Commentary 5

CBD Decision VIII/1, 13 and
CBD Decision VIII/1, Annex:
The relevant programme goal from the programme of work on island biodiversity is goal 3: address the threats to island biological diversity. This directly works towards identify and controlling pathways for major potential IAS on islands and developing and implementing management plans for major IAS that threaten island ecosystems, habitats and species.