Activity 23: Ensure sustainable use of marine turtles

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Component 1: Ensure sustainable use of marine turtles

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

Component 2: Ensure sustainable use of Hawksbill turtles

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Provide funds to enable a regional meeting on the Hawksbill turtle and, if a Party in the region, participate in it: CITES Decision 14.86

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Commentary 1

CITES Resolution 9.20 (Rev) (a)
CITES Resolution 11.16(Rev. CoP14)
Addresses ranching and trade in ranched specimens of species transferred from Appendix I to Appendix II. It includes provisions to ensure that a ranching programme is primarily beneficial to the conservation of the local population.

Commentary 2

CITES Resolution 9.20 (Rev) (b)
The Annex includes the requirement that marine turtle ranching proposals should summarize the legal and enforcement mechanisms that will prevent detrimental impact of the renewal of legal trade and summarize the benefits resulting or expected to result from the management actions implemented for the population to be harvested for ranches including regional management protocols.

Commentary 3

CITES Resolution 9.20 (Rev) (c)
The paragraph CITES Resolution 11.16(Rev CoP14) referred to here allows the CITES Standing Committee to request the Depositary Government to prepare a proposal to transfer the population concerned back to Appendix I.