Activity 25: Ensure sustainable use of sturgeons and paddlefish

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Caspian Sea sturgeon range states to participate in the FAO Cooperation Programme: CITES Decision 14.118
  • Range states to take into consideration the recommendation on total export quotas for 2008: CITES Decision 14.119
  • Encourage scientific research and ensure adequate monitoring of the status of stocks to promote the sustainability of sturgeon and paddlefish fisheries through appropriate management programmes: CITES Resolution 12.7 (Rev CoP14)
  • Explore ways of enhancing the participation of representatives of all agencies responsible for sturgeon and paddlefish fisheries in conservation and sustainable-use programmes for these species: CITES Resolution 12.7 (Rev CoP14)
  • Promote regional agreements between range States of sturgeon and paddlefish species aiming at proper management and sustainable utilization of these species: CITES Resolution 12.7 (Rev CoP14)
  • Range States of sturgeons in the Eurasian region to take into account the recommendations in document CoP12 Doc. 42.1 when developing regional conservation strategies and action plans: CITES Resolution 12.7 (Rev CoP14) SEE COMMENTARY 1

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Author Commentary 1

CITES Resolution 12.7 (Rev CoP14)
This resolution includes a recommendation that Range States of sturgeons take into account the recommendations of document CITES CoP12 Doc. 42.1. This document includes recommendations in the areas of: protection of sturgeon habitats; management of Acipenseriformes fisheries; regulation of Acipenseriformes fisheries and enforcement; and economic considerations in Acepenseriformes conservation.