Activity 7: Assess taxonomic needs

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/9, 6
CBD Decision VI/8, 2
CBD Decision VI/8, Annex
Planned activity 15: invasive alien species from the programme of work for the global taxonomy initiative should be considered here.

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision IX/22, 4, (b), Annex
Output 1.1.1: This is directed to Parties as well as relevant organizations, and calls for outputs to be produced in a timely manner, in local languages and using local species names. The annexed programme of work planned output suggests actors to include BioNET INTERNATIONAL, Coordination mechanisms of the GTI and others compilers of taxonomic assessments.
Output 1.3.1: This is directed to Parties and also includes BioNET-INTERNATIONAL, CABI, GBIF, IUCN and International Agriculture Research Centres.
Output 5.16.8: This is directed to Parties and also includes GISP, BioNET INTERNATIONAL, CABI, GBIF, Species 2000 and ITIS Catalog of Life.