Activity 4: Share information on IAS

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Include desired state of conservation of World Heritage sites in state of conservation reports: WHC Decision 31 COM 7.3, 8
  • Submit information on capacity building and the UNFCCC, including needs and gaps, experiences and lessons learned: UNFCCC 4/CP.12, 1a
  • Submit case studies on the development and implementation of the ecosystem approach at national and regional levels: CBD Decision VI/12, 1
  • Identify case studies, pilot programmes of the ecosystem approach: CBD Decision V/6, 3
  • Exchange information and results from research, monitoring, conservation and education programmes: AEWA Article III.2, k

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Author Commentary 1

IPPC 7th ICPM, section 12.1, 148, 7i
CBD Decision VI/23, 25a
CBD Decision V/8, 3
Reporting on IAS activities, case studies and expertise may overlap and could be submitted to the IPPC, the Executive Secretary and GISP. Synergies may exist between the information made available to the Ramsar Bureau under Ramsar Resolution VII.14, 14 (see activity on ‘Manage wetlands’)