Activity 3: Formalise impact assessment procedures

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Establish multi-hazard analyses that recognizes pre-disaster measures for impact prevention and minimization involving wise wetland management: Ramsar Resolution IX.9, 17
  • Formalise impact assessment procedures under policy, legal, institutional and organizational arrangements: Ramsar Resolution VII.16, 10
  • Apply the voluntary guidelines on biodiversity-inclusive environmental impact assessment as appropriate in the context of their implementation of paragraph 1 (a) of Article 14 of the Convention and of target 5.1 of the provisional framework of goals and targets for assessing progress towards 2010: CBD Decision VIII/28, 5
  • Strengthen consideration for disaster risk reduction for natural heritage within national legislations and procedures for environmental impact assessments: World Heritage Decision 30 COM 7.2, 3 and WHC-06/30. COM/7.2 (Strategy for Reducing Risks from Disasters at World Heritage properties) SEE COMMENTARY 1

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Author Commentary 1

World Heritage Decision 30 COM 7.2, 3 and WHC-06/30. COM/7.2 : This refers to Objective 1, Action