This section sets out the obligations of Parties relating to cooperation, referring to cooperation among Parties to the agreements examined, their subsidiary bodies or their equivalents, and the secretariats of these agreements. Activity 1 focuses on partnerships to address the threat of climate change in connection with different forms of biodiversity. Activity 2 deals with cooperation in research and systematic observation to further the understanding and reduce or eliminate the uncertainties regarding climate change and the consequences of response strategies. Activity 3 identifies obligations relating to cooperation in facilitating information exchange, while activity 4 lists the means through which Parties and institutions have been asked to cooperate in communication, education and public awareness. General obligations to coordinate in the area of biodiversity and climate change can be found in Activity 5. Finally, Activity 6 details obligations relating to examples of cooperation.

Most obligations to cooperate come from CBD COP decisions and provisions and COP decisions of the UNFCCC. UNCCD and Ramsar also contain several obligations on cooperation. Finally the eighth session of the CMS COP generated new decisions focusing on cooperation in the area of climate change and migratory species.