Provision of resources

This section covers obligations relating to financial and technical support in the area of biodiversity and climate change. Activity 1 identifies obligations to support vulnerable countries, which are often developing countries that tend to be vulnerable to an array of environmental threats. Activity 2 lists obligations to support projects and activities that take climate change into account. These obligations are found not only under the UNFCCC COP Decisions, but CBD COP decisions as well. Activity 3 points out obligations to identify capacity-building needs, the findings of which can be built on by Activity 4 on obligations to build capacity: for effective mitigation and adaptation activities (Component 1); to address linkages between climate change and wetlands (Component 2); to address threats to coral reefs (Component 3); to maintain mountain biological diversity (Component 4); to manage protected areas (Component 5); to manage wetlands (Component 6); to maintain island biodiversity (Component 7); and to maintain biodiversity of dry and sub-humid lands (Component 8). Activity 5 details obligations to ensure sustainability of capacity-building actions, and Activity 6 classifies obligations to promote technology transfer.

The UNFCCC’s frameworks for capacity building in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, COP decisions relating to the Least Developed Countries Fund and the Special Climate Change Fund, as well as CBD programmes of work on various ecosystems form the main bases of this section, with additional obligations derived from provisions of the UNCCD and selected COP decisions, plus relevant WHC Decisions and Ramsar Convention COP resolutions.