Legislative measures and national policies

This section outlines obligations relating to legislative measures, national polices and plans in support of strengthening the links between biodiversity and climate change. Activity 1 deals with the requirement that information on the link between biodiversity and climate change be made available to policymakers. Activity 2 then calls for the use of such relevant information on policy-making. To prevent and minimize impacts, Activity 3 obligations speak of formalizing impact assessment procedures. As part of recognizing the links between biodiversity and climate change, Activity 4 lists obligations to incorporate the biodiversity and climate change interaction into programmes and policies, such as national action programmes under the UNCCD (Component 1), relevant plans such as national sustainable development strategies (Component 2), management frameworks for marine protected areas (Component 3), and management planning for wetlands (Component 4). Coming from the other end of the issue, Activity 5 identifies obligations that relate to the integration of conservation and wise use policies into responses to climate change.

This section draws heavily on Ramsar COP resolutions, with several obligations being taken from UNFCCC, CBD, CCD COP decisions and CMS COP resolutions. Interestingly, the obligation to integrate climate change objectives into biodiversity strategies comes from a UNFCCC COP decision (see Component 2, Activity 1).