Activity 1: Promote biological diversity in adaptation measures

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  • Promote natural heritage, and its potential positive role for disaster reduction as part of sustainable development, within relevant international development institutions, conventions and global forums and with other potential financial partners: World Heritage Decision 31 COM 7.2, 4 and WHC-07/31,COM/7.2 (revised Strategy for Risk Reduction at World Heritage Properties) SEE COMMENTARY 3
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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VI/22, 10
CBD Decision VI/22, Annex
See Programme element 1: conservation, sustainable use and benefit-sharing, Goal 1: to apply the ecosystem approach to the management of all types of forests, Objective 3: mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on forest biodiversity, Activity (d).

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision V/4, 16
This is directed at the UNFCCC, including its Kyoto Protocol, and is therefore interpreted to be addressed to the Parties to the UNFCCC and the KP.

Author Commentary 3