Activity 4: Develop adaptation options

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Develop rapid assessment tools for the design and implementation of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use activities which contribute to adaptation to climate change: CBD Decision VIII/30, 2
  • Support the preparation of adaptation activities and plans, including assistance in the areas of financial resources, technology transfer, education and outreach, capacity-building, research and systemic observation, and harmonized reporting: CBD Decision VIII/30, 7
  • Research and implement adaptation and mitigation measures in land-use and coastal zone planning and strategies to strengthen local-level biodiversity resilience to climate change: CBD Decision VIII/1, 3 and CBD Decision VIII/1, Annex SEE COMMENTARY 4
  • Design adaptive integrated marine and coastal area management programmes that respond to environmental change, as well as recurrent or emerging physical or biological hazards, as long term mitigation tools complementary to early warning systems for coastal/marine hazards: CBD Decision VIII/22, 6(b)
  • Identify key climate change adaptation measures in the process of preparing national adaptation programmes of action: UNFCCC Decision 28/CP.7, 1 and UNFCCC Decision 28/CP.7, Annex (Guidelines for the preparation of national adaptation programmes of action) SEE COMMENTARY 1
  • Develop appropriate methods of integration of flood and natural hazard management and water quality control through maintaining natural coastal wetland processes: Ramsar Resolution VIII.4, Annex (Principles and guidelines for incorporating wetland issues into Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)) SEE COMMENTARY 2
  • Develop methods for adapting marine and coastal protected areas management in response to possible changes resulting from climate change: CBD Decision VII/5, 4 and CBD Decision VII/5, Annex I (elaborated programme of work on marine and coastal biological diversity) SEE COMMENTARY 3

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Author Commentary 1

UNFCCC Decision 28/CP.7, 1
UNFCCC Decision 28/CP.7, Annex
This refers to paragraph 8 of the Annex. As explained in UNFCCC Decision 28/CP.7, Annex, 1, national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs) will communicate priority activities addressing the urgent and immediate needs and concerns of the least developed counties relating to adaptation and the adverse effects of climate change. Identifying such measures will be the task of the multi-disciplinary team assembled by NAPA team in the least developed country. The measures should be also be responsive to needs identified under other relevant processes, such as the preparation of National Action Plans under the UNCCD and national biodiversity strategies and action plans under the CBD.

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution VIII.4, 13
Ramsar Resolution VIII.4, Annex
This refers to action 5.5 under Guideline No. 5 – Ensuring the recognition by Contracting Parties of the role of coastal wetlands in regulating water flows and water quality.

Author Commentary 3

CBD Decision VII/5, 4
CBD Decision VII/5, Annex I
This refers to paragraph (c) under Priority 2.3: Identifying the best indicators for assessing management effectiveness at various scales within an overall system of Appendix 4, research priorities, including research and monitoring projects associated with Programme element 3: marine and coastal protected areas. Changes predicted include those relating to species and habitat distribution patterns.

Author Commentary 4

CBD Decision VIII/1, 3
CBD Decision VIII/1, Annex
This refers to Action 12.1. of Goal 3: Address the threats to island biological diversity, under programme element E.: Goals, targets and timeframes, and island-specific priority actions for the Parties.