Convention on Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (CLVFO)

The Convention for the establishment of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation was signed on 30 June 1994 by the three East African Community Partner States namely Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. This Convention entered into force on 24 May 1996. This Convention created the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization as a result of the need to manage the fisheries resources of Lake Victoria in a coordinated manner.

Objectives and approach

The Convention on Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (CLVFO) aims to foster cooperation among the contracting parties, harmonize national measures for sustainable utilization of living resources of the lake and to develop and adopt conservation and management measures.

Institutional structure

The Organs that are embodied in the Convention to ensure its implementation are:

  • the Council of Ministers, the supreme organ of the LVFO consisting of Ministers responsible for fisheries in the EAC Partner States;
  • the Policy Steering Committee comprising the Permanent Secretaries responsible for fisheries; and
  • the Executive Committee composed of the Directors of the Fisheries Departments and Fisheries Research Institutes of the Partner States.

All heads of key regional programmes/projects on the lake attend the LVFO Sessions as observers. The Permanent Secretary responsible for fisheries in each Partner State coordinates the activities of the National Committees for Lake Victoria. The members of the National Committees are drawn from various Government Ministries and agencies, and other institutions that have a stake in Lake Victoria. Several Technical Committees, including a Fisheries Management and a Scientific committee, and the Permanent Secretariat are the other organs of the Organization.

Work areas

Under the Convention, parties are required to:

  • facilitate access, in accordance with National laws and regulations, for research teams including vessels and all equipment being used for that purpose;
  • enforce and maintain in effect laws and regulations prohibiting the introduction of non-indigenous species to Lake Victoria and also measures regarding the introduction, monitoring, control or elimination of any such animals or plants;
  • enforce National Laws and regulations in respect of territory and territorial waters; and
  • enforce National Laws and regulations in respect of Fish landed.