Activity 2: Develop and implement educational and public awareness programmes

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Develop educational programmes on an ecosystem approach to coral-reef management and the relation between coral-reef health, resilience and human-induced stress: CBD Decision VII/5, 5 and CBD Decision VII/5, Annex I (elaborated programme of work on marine and coastal biological diversity) SEE COMMENTARY 2
  • By 2008, at least half of the countries in the pan European region should be implementing national Communication, Education and Public Awareness action plans in order to communicate biodiversity and landscape policies and to increase multi-stakeholder participation: Kiev Resolution no. 9
  • Promote and facilitate the development and implementation of educational and public awareness programmes on climate change and its effects: UNFCCC Article 6(a)(i) SEE COMMENTARY 1

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

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Author Commentary 1

UNFCCC Article 6(a)(i)
The chapeau of the provision indicates that this activity is a means of carrying out the commitments of Parties under UNFCCC Article 4.1(i).

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision VII/5, Annex I
This refers to Subparagraph 2(e)(i) of Appendix 1, specific work plan on coral bleaching. The action is identified as being of highest priority for implementation. Global warming is the most widespread stressor of coral reefs, but known localized human-induced stresses exacerbate events.

Author Commentary 3

UNFCCC Decision 11/CP.8, 1
UNFCCC Decision 11/CP.8, Annex
This refers to Paragraph 9(e). The suggested responsibilities for this focal point include the identification of areas for possible international cooperation and opportunities for strengthening synergies with other conventions and the coordination in the preparation of the Article 6 (education, training and public awareness) chapter in the national communications.