Activity 3: Develop educational and training materials

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Author Commentary 1

World Heritage Decision 30 COM 7.2, 3 and WHC-06/30. COM/7.2 : This refers to Objective 2, Action 2.3.

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution VIII.25, 7
Ramsar Resolution VIII.25 Annex
See action 20.1.5(a), Operational Objective 20.1: Identify the training needs of institutions and individuals concerned with the conservation and wise use of wetlands, particularly in developing countries and countries in transition, and implement appropriate responses, Operational Objective 20: Training.

Author Commentary 3

UNFCCC Decision 11/CP.8, 1
UNFCCC Decision 11/CP.8, Annex
This refers to Paragraph 9(g). The objective is to integrate climate change issues at all educational levels and across disciplines.