Activity 4: Strengthen national institutions through training programmes

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Promote and facilitate the training of scientific, technical and managerial personnel: UNFCCC Article 6 (a) (iv)
  • Promote the secondment of personnel to train experts on climate change and its effects, in particular for developing countries: UNFCCC Article 6 (b) (ii)
  • Strengthen the capacity of World Heritage property managers and community members to develop and implement risk management plans at their sites and contribute to regional and national disaster reduction strategies and processes: World Heritage Decision 30 COM 7.2, 4 and WHC-06/30. COM/7.2 (Strategy for Reducing Risks from Disasters at World Heritage properties) SEE COMMENTARY 1

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

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Author Commentary 1

World Heritage Decision 30 COM 7.2, 4 and WHC-06/30. COM/7.2 : This refers to Table 1 Objective 2, Action 2.2 which aims for instance at including disaster and risk management strategies. This revises World Heritage Decision 30 COM 7.2, 3 and WHC-06/30. COM/7.2 Objective 2, Action 2.8.