Activity 4: Address impact of alien species on sustainable use

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Among EU Members, a wildlife import permit may be issued only if the competent scientific authority is of the opinion that the introduction into the European Community would not have a harmful effect on the conservation status of the species or on the extent of the territory occupied by the relevant population of the species, taking account of the current or anticipated level of trade: EU Regulation 338-97, Article 4
  • Members wishing to grant trade authorization are to first consult the Commission with a view to examining jointly whether the marketing of specimens of such species could endanger their population levels, geographical distribution or reproductive rate: EU Birds, Article 6 (3)
  • The EU Commission to carry out studies on the biological status of the species listed in Annex III/3 and on the effects of marketing on such status.: EU Birds, Article 6 (4)
  • Address the issue of alien species for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity: CBD Decision IV/1, C4

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