Activity 9: Make reservations to CITES listings

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • A Party may make a reservation to an amendment to the Appendices: CITES Article XV.3
  • Specific reservations may be entered in accordance with the provisions of this article and Articles XV and XVI: CITES Article XXIII
  • Any Party having entered a reservation with regard to the transfer from Appendix II to Appendix I of a species should continue to treat that species as if it remained in Appendix II: CITES Resolution 4.25 (a) SEE COMMENTARY 1
  • Any Party having entered a reservation with regard to any species listed in Appendix I should treat that species as if it were listed in Appendix II for all purposes: CITES Resolution 4.25 (Rev. CoP14) (b) SEE COMMENTARY 1

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Author Commentary 1

CITES Resolution 4.25 (a)
CITES Resolution 4.25 (b)
These two paragraphs entail that if a Party enters a reservation with regard to a species listed on Appendix I, it will still be obliged, inter alia, to satisfy the non-detriment provisions of Article IV, where these apply.