Activity 10: Ensure sustainable fisheries

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • When addressing the sustainable use of fisheries, apply the recommendations annexed to this resolution: Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 23 and Ramsar Resolution IX.4 Annex (Issues and recommendations for Contracting Parties concerning the management of sustainable fisheries in Ramsar sites and other wetlands)
  • Authorities responsible for managing fisheries associated with Ramsar sites should enusure their activities support the maintenance of the ecological character of the Ramsar site(s): Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 25
  • Use the habitat and species conservation provisions of the Convention to support management measures that mitigate the environmental impacts of fishing: Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 26
  • Authorities responsible for the management of Ramsar sites to incorporate measures to maintain the sustainable fisheries: Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 28
  • Take necessary steps within policies of protected areas as a tool for fisheries resources management: Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 36
  • Take into account the provisions of Ramsar Resolution VII/36, which highlights the importance of participatory management for the sustainable use of fisheries resources: Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 37

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 23
Ramsar Resolution IX.4, Annex
The Annex is organised around eleven issues, and contains one of more recommendations for each issue. Issues 1-10 contain recommendations relevant to sustainable use of fisheries.