Activity 2: Develop indicators for sustainable use

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Author Commentary a

CBD Decision VIII/15, 6 and
CBD Decision VIII/15 Annex II.
Annex II contains the indicators relevant to the provisional framework on goals and targets. Under Goal 4 (Promote sustainable use and consumption) there are three targets and 8 indicators for those targets.

Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/8, 8
The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation includes 4 targets related to sustainable use (see CBD Decision VI/9 Annex). These are: development of models with protocols for plant conservation and sustainable use, based on research and practical experience (Target iii); no species of wild flora endangered by international trade (Target xi); 30 per cent of plant-based products derived from sources that are sustainably managed (Target xii); The decline of plant resources, and associated indigenous and local knowledge, innovations and practices that support sustainable livelihoods, local food security and health care, halted (Target xiii). CBD Decision VII/30, Annex II contains a provisional framework for goals and targets that is intended to facilitate progress towards the 2010 target. Goal 4 of this framework is ‘Promote sustainable use and consumption’ and under this goal three targets are listed. These are: Target 4.1: Biodiversity-based products derived from sources that are sustainably managed, and Production areas managed consistent with the conservation of biodiversity; Target 4.2: Unsustainable consumption, of biological resources, or that impacts upon biodiversity, reduced; Target 4.3: No species of wild flora or fauna endangered by international trade.

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision VII/30
Annex I of this Decision itself contains ‘Provisional indicators’ for Goal 4, Target 4.1 (see previous comment). These are ‘Area of forest, agricultural and aquaculture ecosystems under sustainable management’ and ‘Proportion of products derived from sustainable sources’.