Kyiv Resolution on Biodiversity

In the final Declaration of the Kyiv Conference, the Environment Ministers renewed their commitment to the implementation of the Strategy as an instrument to achieve the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity. They also endorsed the Kyiv Resolution on Biodiversity and committed to achieve halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 through national efforts and regional co-operation.

Objectives and approach

The resolution commits the EU commits itself to halting the loss of biodiversity in the pan-European region by 2010 by taking nine specific actions.

The resolution provides, inter alia, the following key targets: By 2006, the identification, using, of all high nature value areas in agricultural ecosystems in the pan European region will be complete. By 2008, a substantial proportion of these areas will be under biodiversity-sensitive management by using appropriate mechanisms support their economic and ecological viability.

Institutional structure

This is a ministerial resolution.

Work areas

The resolution highlighted key issues for Europe: forests and biodiversity, agriculture and biodiversity, the Pan-European Ecological Network, invasive alien species, financing of biodiversity, biodiversity monitoring and indicators, and public participation and awareness.