Provision of resources

This section sets out the obligations for Parties relating to the provision of resources for inland waters, including financial and technical resources but also the important issue of capacity-building for the conservation and sustainable use of inland water ecosystems.

Most of the obligations come from the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Other conventions the obligations of which are highlighted here are the CBD, CITES, CMS, World Heritage Convention and UNCCD as well as regional agreements.

The provision of financial, technical and human resources for inland water ecosystems could facilitate a cooperative approach to the implementation of various conventions. Technical and financial resources allocated to the conservation and wise use of wetlands under the Ramsar Convention would also help to implement core provisions of the CBD and its inland water work programme, and vice versa. Many provisions of the conventions ask for the support of capacity building for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use or the management of natural resources, either through international development assistance or through domestic sources. Such initiatives could serve the implementation of a range of agreements, including the biodiversity-related conventions and the UNCCD.

The Conservation Finance Alliance has produced the Conservation Finance Guide, which can be accessed through the background pages of this website. It provides a comprehensive set of guidance on potential finance opportunities for the conservation and sustainable/wise use of ecosystems and species.