Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du fleuve Sénégal (OMVS)

The Convention creating the Organization for the development of the Senegal River and the Convention on the statute of the Senegal River were adopted by Mali, Mauritania, and Senegal on 11 March 1972. The first Convention defines the competencies and missions of the Organization for the development of the Senegal River while the second Convention declares the Senegal River an international river and guaranties navigation freedom and water use equality.

In Mai 2002, the Charter of Water of the Senegal River was adopted to complement these Conventions. This Charter has for objectives to:

  • fix the principles and the methods of the distribution of water of the Senegal River enters the various sectors of use. The various uses of water of the River can relate to agriculture, the breeding, continental fishing, pisciculture, sylviculture, fauna and the flora, hydroelectric energy, the water supply of the urban and rural populations, health, industry, navigation and the environment, by taking account of the domestic uses;
  • define the methods of examination and approval of the new users projects of water or affecting the quality of water;
  • determine the rules relating to the safeguarding and the environmental protection, particularly with regard to fauna, the flora, the ecosystems of the easily flooded plains and the wetlands;
  • define the framework and the methods of participation of the users of water in the catch of the decisions of stock management out of water of the Senegal River.