Provision of Resources

The section on the provision of resources includes obligations and commitments relating to providing funding and technical resources for biodiversity conservation in protected areas (PAs). Technical resources include training, the transfer of technologies and the building of institutional capacity.

Obligations and commitments in this section are mostly taken from CBD and UNFCCC. All the other conventions are represented except for CMS. The section is divided into two activities: the provision of funding and the building of capacity. Activities and issues they cover are:

  • Provide funding for PAs: providing funding internationally and domestically.
  • Build capacity for PAs: training, developing technologies for PA processes and building institutional capacity, including organizing workshops.

The activity to provide funding is linked to the develop financial strategies activity of the economic instruments section. However the former activity requests Parties to fund specific projects, whereas the latter requests Parties to adopt strategies or plans for funding.

Component 1 of the activity to build capacity deals specifically with education and training and covers all generic training to build capacity. Training is repeated more specifically in two other sections. In the raise understanding and awareness activity of the section on communication, education and public awareness (CEPA), education is included in relation to raising awareness. In the management section, the enforce and support management activity contains obligations and commitments dealing with training specifically for PA managers and staff.