Communication, Education and Public Awareness

The section on communication, education and public awareness includes obligations and commitments relating to raising awareness of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use in PAs, evaluating campaigns specifically targeted at raising awareness, disseminating scientific research, providing information to others and reporting on information and progress to conventions and Parties. Sharing and exchanging information with Parties can be seen as a form of cooperation; this section, therefore, has some association with the cooperation section.

Education and public awareness has been identified as a cross-cutting issue in CBD and this is reflected in activities in the CBD programme of work on PAs. Activities from goal 3.5, “to strengthen communication, education and public awareness”, and goal 4.4, “to ensure that scientific knowledge contributes to the establishment and effectiveness of protected areas and protected area systems”, of the CBD programme of work on PAs are included in this section. CEPA is also an important issue for Ramsar, WHC and MAB. Ramsar bly recommends CEPA activities for not only raising awareness about wetland ecology and functions but also the values wetlands provide. WHC and MAB both recommend CEPA activities to promote the management of world heritage areas and biospheres respectively, amongst other issues.

The CEPA section comprises mostly obligations from CBD and Ramsar, although all the other conventions are represented apart from UNFCCC and CMS. Obligations and commitments are divided into activities focused on raising awareness, disseminating information and reporting on information. Activities (with descriptions) are:

(Activities should be listed in the same order in which they appear in this section)

  • Report to conventions and Parties: reporting on information specifically to conventions and sharing information with Parties.
  • Disseminate information to others: general dissemination of information and research outputs and exchanging information between groups.

Raise understanding and awareness: education and awareness programmes for all groups and increasing understanding between groups.

The activity to document knowledge of the assessment section gathers information together on PAs and is therefore likely to feed into the report to conventions and parties activity of this section.

The raise understanding and awareness activity includes education in relation to raising awareness. Component 1 of the build capacity activity in the section on the provision of resources also includes education, but in relation to training for capacity-building.