The section on cooperation includes obligations and commitments relating to coordination across sectors, internationally and nationally, and partnerships between Parties and organizations. As Parties can cooperate on any topic, a relatively high number of obligations and commitments relating to cooperation are duplicated in other relevant sections. Sharing and exchanging information can be seen as a form of cooperation; the CEPA section, therefore, is closely aligned to the cooperation section.

The cooperation section contains obligations and commitments from all the conventions, illustrating the breadth and the relevance to Parties of this issue. Activities are broadly defined by whom Parties are cooperating with (including activities on international cooperation and cooperation with organizations), plus two activities on promoting cooperation on transboundary protected areas. Transboundary PAs are given an individual activity despite falling under international cooperation, because they require specific cooperation across boundaries. As a consequence, the obligations and commitments in this activity are often equally relevant for the activity on international cooperation.

Activities (including a brief description) are:

  • Cooperate on transboundary PAs: cooperating with other countries to form transboundary PAs.
  • Cooperate internationally: cooperating with other Parties or countries, including any cooperation defined as international.
  • Cooperate with organizations: cooperating with organizations internationally, regionally or nationally.