Legislation and Policy

The section on legislative measures and national policy includes obligations and commitments that refer directly to policy and legislation, as well as those dealing with national-scale plans, programmes and strategies. The section covers the establishment, development and promotion of policies and legislation.  It also includes provisions referring directly to the establishment of protected areas (PAs).

As the development of policies and legislation is closely followed by implementation and development of management plans and strategies for PAs, there are links between this section and the planning and implementing activities of the management section. The legislation and policy section is the third largest section in the module (after management and assessment). It comprises obligations and commitments predominantly equally from CBD and the Ramsar Convention, although all the other conventions are represented except UNFCCC.

For easier use, obligations and commitments are grouped into those dealing with policy and those dealing with legislation. There is also a separate activity on the establishment of PAs. Activities for this section are:

  • Review and develop policies for PAs: reviewing, adapting, developing and establishing policies, strategies and programmes for PAs.
  • Review and develop legislation for PAs: reviewing, developing and establishing legislation and giving legal recognition.
  • Establish and designate new PAs.