Activity 5: Document knowledge on PAs

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/28, 19 and CBD Decision VII/28, Annex : This is Activity 3.3.1 of the PAs programme of work, under Goal 3.3: To develop, apply and transfer appropriate technologies for protected areas. This should be made available to the Executive Secretary.

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008, Operational Objective 10.1: The Strategic Framework and guidelines for the future development of the List of Wetlands of International Importance is contained in Ramsar Resolution VII.11, Annex.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution IX.21, 11 : thus increasing the knowledge and understanding of the relationship between cultural processes and wetland conservation and wise use. This obligation is duplicated in the dissemination activity of the CEPA section.

Author Commentary 4

CMS Recommendation 7.2, a : Information and actions should cover targeted resources, resources being caught accidentally and the effects on these resources (estimate total by-catch in the fishery(ies) and population impact), and implementation of mitigation measures. This obligation is duplicated in the implementing activity of the management section.

Author Commentary 5

CBD Decision V/23, 3 and CBD Decision V/23, Annex : activity 6 under paragraph 6 of the draft programme of work on dry and sub-humid lands. Management practices should include the knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities that can be broadly applied, consistent with the programme of work under the Convention on Article 8(j) and related provisions. This obligation is duplicated in the dissemination activity of the CEPA section.

Author Commentary 6

Ramsar Resolution VII.21, 11 : This obligation is duplicated in the assessing sites activity of the assessment section.

Author Commentary 7

Ramsar Resolution IX.1, 6, Ramsar Resolution IX.15, 28, Ramsar Article 2.5, Ramsar Resolution VIII.10, 31, Ramsar Resolution VIII.13, 10, Ramsar Resolution VIII.13, 16, Ramsar Resolution VIII.13, 17, Ramsar Resolution VI.16, 5 Ramsar Resolution VI.16, 6 Ramsar Resolution VI.16, 7 Ramsar Resolution 5.3, Ramsar Resolution 4.5 and Ramsar Recommendation 4.7 are all about the procedure of designating new Ramsar sites or informing the Ramsar Bureau about changes to existing sites. This should happen through using the Ramsar Information Sheet (RIS), for which Ramsar Resolution VIII.13, Annex I in combination with Ramsar Resolution IX.1, Annex B provide a revised format. Ramsar Resolution VIII.13, 16 and Ramsar Resolution VIII.13, 17 recommend to use the guidance from the Explanatory Note and Guidelines for completing the Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands, contained in Ramsar Resolution VIII.13, Annex II. These provisions supersede all the earlier guidance from Ramsar Resolution VI.16, 5, Ramsar Resolution VI.16, 6, Ramsar Resolution VI.16, 7, Ramsar Resolution 5.3, Ramsar Resolution 4.5 and Ramsar Recommendation 4.7.

Author Commentary 8

WHC Decision 20 COM Agenda item IX, part IX.17 : part a of IX.17, under section C the 'global strategy for natural heritage'.

Author Commentary 9

Ramsar Resolution VIII.6, 16, Ramsar Resolution VII.20, 11, Ramsar Recommendation 4.4 , Ramsar Recommendation 4.6, Ramsar Recommendation 2.3, Annex, 1.1 and Ramsar Recommendation 1.5 build on each other, with the latest version in Ramsar Resolution VIII.6., 16 being the most comprehensive one. It stresses that the compilation of national wetland inventories should be a high priority and that the Framework for Wetland Inventory should be used for the compilation of the inventories. Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008, Operational Objective 1.1 is accompanied by Action 1.1.2, which outlines the type of information that national wetland inventories should include. World Heritage Convention Article 11, 1 could be complementary to all those Ramsar Resolutions and vice versa.