Activity 7: Enforce and support management

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VIII/24, 18g :This obligation is duplicated in the capacity-building activity of the resources section.

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision VII/14, 10 and CBD Decision VII/14, Annex : This is part 1 in the guidelines on biodiversity and tourism development and recognizes that authorities and managers of PAs have a special role in the management of tourism and biodiversity.

Author Commentary 3

CBD Decision VII/28, 19 and CBD Decision VII/28, Annex: This Activity 1.4.6 of the PAs programme of work, Goal 1.4: To substantially improve site-based PA planning and management.

Author Commentary 4

CBD Decision VII/5, 5 and CBD Decision VII/5, Annex I : This is objective 3.3 of the programme of work for marine and coastal biodiversity, including part a, to achieve effective management of PAs through good governance, legal frameworks, compliance and enforcement, strategic planning, capacity building and sustainable financing; part b, to address all threats, including land-based threats and shipping/transport, to maximize effectiveness of marine and coastal PAs and part c, to facilitate stakeholder and indigenous and local community participation. Part b is a duplication of CBD Decision VII/5, 26.

Author Commentary 5

CBD Decision VI/22, 28 and CBD Decision VI/22, Annex: part f of objective 2 under Goal 1 in programme element 2 of the Annex, which is the expanded programme of work on forest biodiversity. Strategies should include adequate resourcing and involvement of indigenous and local communities.

Author Commentary 6

MAB Recommendations Goal 1 : aims to develop a concerted strategy for conservation under the goals of the Seville Strategy. Recommendations are for the establishment and functioning of transboundary Biosphere Reserves.

Author Commentary 7

CBD Decision VI/22, 28 and CBD Decision VI/22, Annex: objective 4 under Goal 1 in programme element 2 of the Annex, which is the expanded programme of work on forest biodiversity. Activities within this objective should be referred to for details.

Author Commentary 8

CITES Resolution 12.5 : This applies to the range States of the tiger and other Asian big cat species.

Author Commentary 9

Ramsar Recommendation 2.3, Annex: The Framework for Implementing the Convention carries a number of provisions relevant for aspects of wetland management: Provision of measures to mitigate or exclude any adverse effects of wetland transformation, including compensation measures, if transformation of wetlands is planned (national measures number 2.6); monitoring and follow-up of authorized operations affecting wetlands including the adoption and utilization of corrective measures where required (2.7); definition and implementation of measures required to maintain the ecological character of wetlands (3.1); promotion of the sustainable management of wetlands to avoid over-exploitation of wetlands resources, and to provide for a firm social and economic basis for wetland conservation (3.2); effective conservation of listed wetlands, including wardening, development of buffer zones, and other land-use control mechanisms (5.2).