Activity 3: Communicate within Parties

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Expand educational programmes, in particular for girls and women, on the sustainable use and management of the natural resources of affected areas: UNCCD Article 19 3 (e)
  • Share experiences on sustainable use at the national level, particularly between CITES Management and Scientific Authorities, and their CBD focal points: CITES Resolution 13.2 (Rev CoP14) (b)
  • Place special emphasis on the requirements of CBD Article 13 in the development of national strategies and action plans: CBD Decision IV/10, B 1 (a) SEE COMMENTARY 1
  • Support public awareness initiatives by groups that foster stakeholder participation in conservation and sustainable use: CBD Decision IV/10, B 1 (e)
  • Promote dialogue among different sectors to address linkages between the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, and other sectors such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries: : CBD Decision VIII/9, 15
  • EU Members to forward the names and addresses of the designated wildlife trade management authorities, other authorities competent to issue permits or certificates and scientific authorities to the EU Commission:EU Regulation 338-97, Article 13
  • EU Members and the Commission to communicate to one another the information necessary for implementing this Regulation with regards sustainable species trade:EU Regulation 338-97, Article 15

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision IV/10, B 1 (a)
See Activity 1 above, for summary of CBD Article 13 (b).