Activity 1: Implement targets for inland waters

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Resolution VIII.25, 8 Ramsar Resolution VIII.25,Annex: The Strategic Plan is contained in the annex to Ramsar Resolution VIII.25. The targets for the Ramsar Work Plan 2003-2005 can be found at Ramsar Resolution VIII.26, Annex.

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution VIII.26, 10 Ramsar Resolution VIII.26, 11 Ramsar Resolution VIII.26, 12 All address developing or amending national targets and actions for the implementation of the Strategic Plan, while CBD Decision VII/4, 13 could be complimentary to those Ramsar obligations. Note that the Ramsar Strategic Plan can be found at Ramsar Resolution VIII.25, Annex.

Author Commentary 3

CBD Decision VII/30, 15 Basically repeats CBD Decision III/9, 5 on national targets for biodiversity conservation although additionally asking for incorporation of the targets into plans and programmes