Activity 5: Institutional requirements as to conventions

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Raise the issue of invasive alien species at the meetings of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and support the development of measures to address threats of invasive alien species in the Antarctic Treaty area: CBD Decision VIII/27, 65
  • (Parties to the Antarctic Treaty): Consider improving the controls contemplated under the 1991 Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty: CBD Decision VIII/27, 66 SEE COMMENTARY 3a
  • Inform the Secretariat in regard to which migratory species of Appendices I and II you consider yourself to be a Range State: CMS Article IV, 2
  • Consider adhering to other international, regional and sub-regional instruments related to the protection of cultural and natural heritage: WHC Decision 7 EXT.COM 9, 9
  • Bring together regularly the cultural and natural heritage experts to discuss the implementation of the Convention. WHC Operational Guidelines I.C, 14

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Author Commentary 1

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution VII.8, 16 repeats, with a slightly stronger language, Ramsar Recommendation 6.3, 12.

Author Commentary 3

Author Commentary 3a

CBD Decision VIII/27, 66: The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty makes provisions, in article 4, regarding the introduction of non-native species, parasites and diseases.

Author Commentary 4

AEWA Article V b
Parties are required to designate contact points which can be national Authorities, ministries or government departments