Activity 3: Manage inland waters at the catchment or basin level

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Resolution IX.4, 30:
The paragraph asks to take into account the Guidelines for allocation and management of water for maintaining the ecological fiunctions of wetlands (Ramsar Resolution VIII.1, Annex), the Principles and guidelines for incorporating wetland issues into Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Ramsar Resolution VIII.4, Annex), and the guidance contained in Ramsar Resolution VIII.32 on mangrove ecosystems

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution VII.18, 11,
Ramsar Resolution VII.18, 12,
Ramsar Resolution VII.18, 13,
Ramsar Resolution VII.18, 20
Ramsar Resolution VII.18, Annex:
The Guidelines for integrating wetland conservation and wise use into river basin management address institutional frameworks, assessment and enhancement of the role of wetlands in water management, minimising the impacts of land use and development projects on wetlands and their biodiversity, maintenance of natural water regimes to maintain wetlands, and international cooperation.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution VI.23
Ramsar Resolution VII.18, 12
Is referring to is about Ramsar and Water.

Author Commentary 3a

CBD Decision VIII/1, 1 and
CBD Decision VIII/1, Annex:
This is priority action 9.2 of the programme of work on island biodiversity.

Author Commentary 4

CBD Decision VII/4, 7
CBD Decision VII/4, Annex:
Goal 1.1 of the revised programme of work on inland water biodiversity asks for the integration of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity into all relevant sectors of water-resource and river-basin management, taking into account the ecosystem approach.

Author Commentary 5

Emphasis and preference is given to joint and/or basin-wide development projects and basin programs, through the formulation of a basin development plan, that would be used to identify, categorize and prioritize the projects and programs to seek assistance for and to implement at the basin level. This obligation is duplicated in the Assessment section of this module.

Author Commentary 6

This article specifies the need for protection against pollution or other harmful effects resulting from any development plans and uses of water and related resources in the Mekong River Basin.