Activity 5: Restore inland water ecosystems

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008, Operational Objective 4.1:
Action 4.1.4 under this Operational Objective calls for the application of the Principles and guidelines for wetland restoration (Ramsar Resolution VIII.16, Annex).

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution IX.9, 12:
See also Ramsar Resolution VIII.35 on the impacts of natural disasters, particularly drought, on wetland ecosystems, and Ramsar Resolution VIII.1 on the Guidelines for the allocation and management of water for maintaining the ecological functions of Wetlands.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution IX.9, 18:
The paragraph lists the following measures for this support: assistance with reduction of the impact of natural disasters, establishment or maintenance of greenbelts of mangroves, mitigation of impacts of future tsunami and storm damage, strengthening of regional initiatives, assistance with monitoring of ecological impacts of disasters.

Author Commentary 4

Ramsar Resolution VIII.16, 12,
Ramsar Resolution VIII.16, 16,
Ramsar Resolution VIII.16, 19
Ramsar Resolution VIII.16, Annex:
The Principles and guidelines for wetland restoration use flowcharts to explain the guidelines for wetland restoration and the process for identification of potential wetland restoration projects.

Author Commentary 5

CBD Decision VII/4, 7
CBD Decision VII/4, Annex:
Goal 1.3 of the revised programme of work on inland water biodiversity addresses enhancing of the conservation status of inland water biodiversity through rehabilitation and restoration of degraded ecosystems and the recovery of threatened species.

Author Commentary 5a

CBD Decision VIII/1, 1 and
CBD Decision VIII/1, Annex:
This is priority action 1.2 of the programme of work on island biodiversity.

Author Commentary 5b

CBD Decision VIII/1, 1 and
CBD Decision VIII/1, Annex:
This is priority action 1.3 of the programme of work on island biodiversity.

Author Commentary 6

CBD Decision VI/22, 11
CBD Decision VI/22, Annex:
Objective 1 of goal 3 of programme element 1 of the expanded programme of work on forest biodiversity asks for the restoration of forest biodiversity in degraded secondary forests.

Author Commentary 7

CBD Decision V/23, 3
CBD Decision V/23, Annex:
Activity 7b of the programme of work on dry and sub-humid lands asks for the rehabilitation or restoration of biodiversity of degraded dry and sub-humid lands, with the benefits of soil and water conservation and others.

Author Commentary 8

UNCCD Decision 1/COP.6, 9:
This obligation refers to the rehabilitation of degraded land and asks for taking into account existing rehabilitation projects and promoting new rehabilitation projects.

Author Commentary 9

UNFCCC Article 4.1(e)
KP Article 11.2:
See also the adaptation section of the Biodiversity and Climate Change module.

Author Commentary 10

This obligation is duplicated in the Sustainable Use module [Legislative Measures and National Policies, and Management], the Inland Waters module [Management], the Protected Areas module [Management], the IAS module [Management] and the Climate Change & Biodiversity module [Adaptation].