Activity 6: Develop and apply indicators

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Resolution IX.1, 7
Ramsar Resolution IX.1, Annex D
The initial set of Ecological ‘outcome-oriented’ indicators for assessing the implementation effectiveness of the Ramsar Convention are: the overall conservation status of wetland, the status of the ecological character of Ramsar sites, trends in water quality, the frequency of threats affecting Ramsar sites, wetland sites with successfully implemented conservation or wise use management plans, overall population trends of wetland taxa, changes in threat status of wetland taxa, and the proportion of candidate Ramsar sites designated so far for wetland types/features. Further indicators are recommended for further consideration and future development, see Ramsar Resolution IX.1, Annex D.

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution IX.8, 10
The ecological outcome-oriented indicators of the effectiveness of the Convention’s implementation are contained in Ramsar Resolution IX.1, Annex D.

Author Commentary 3

CBD Decision VI/22, 11
CBD Decision VI/22, Annex
Programme element 3, goal 2, objective 1 of the expanded programme of work on forest biodiversity asks for advancing the development and implementation of international, regional and national criteria and indicators within the framework of sustainable forest management.

Author Commentary 4

CBD Decision V/23, 3
CBD Decision V/23, Annex
Activity 3 of part A (Assessments) requests the further development of indicators of biodiversity of dry and sub-humid lands and its loss.

Author Commentary 5

UNCCD Decision 17/COP.7, 2
The decision refers to benchmarks and indicators for the monitoring and assessment of desertification. UNCCD Decision 17/COP.6, 2 and UNCCD Decision 11/COP.5, 2 These two obligations are almost identical, except for the former adding indicators for implementation of the Convention. All these obligations, together with UNCCD Decision 17/COP.7, 6 and UNCCD Decision 5/COP.3, 23 overlap substantially.