Activity 7: Prepare national reports and provide information

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Component 1: Prepare national reports

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Prepare the national reports for Ramsar COP 9 in consultation with the National Ramsar/Wetland Committees, other ministries/agencies and major groups: Ramsar Resolution VIII.26, 17
  • Consider initiating trials of joint reporting involving Ramsar and other multilateral environmental agreements: Ramsar Resolution VIII.26, 18
  • Contracting Parties with sites included in the Montreux Record: Provide updates on the conservation status of these sites in the National Reports and advise on the likely time frame for the removal of these sites from the Record: Ramsar Resolution VII.12, 33
  • Provide in the National Reports advice on actions taken in response to Recommendation 6.17: Ramsar Resolution VII.12, 35
  • Provide advice on the success of the review of policies adversely affecting intertidal wetlands in the National Reports to COP 8: Ramsar Resolution VII.21, 13
  • Provide information in the National Reports on efforts to remedy and prevent pollution impacts on wetlands: Ramsar Recommendation 6.14, 9
  • Submit national reports to the Bureau at least six months prior to each meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties: Ramsar Recommendation 4.3: SEE COMMENTARY 1
  • Submit national reports to the Bureau at least six months prior to each meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties: Ramsar Recommendation 2.1: SEE COMMENTARY 1

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Report on implementation of the prioritised parts of the programme of work on mountain biodiversity: CBD Decision VII/27, 8
  • Report on national actions to link efforts to achieve relevant Millennium Development Goals and the CBD objectives: CBD Decision VII/32, 4
  • Provide thematic reports on the implementation of the agricultural programme of work: CBD Decision VI/5, 4
  • Include in national reports information on the status and trends in traditional knowledge, innovations and practices: CBD Decision VI/10, A.3.a
  • Include in national reports information on measures taken to enhance the participation of indigenous and local communities in national work programme implementation: CBD Decision VI/10, A.3.b
  • Report through the national reports on the extent to which migratory species are addressed: CBD Decision VI/20, 22
  • Inform the Conference of the Partise on measures taken to implement the provision of the Convention for Appendix I species: CMS Article VI, 3
Component 2: Provide information on the ecological character of inland waters

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

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Author Commentary 1

Author Commentary 2

Resolution IX.15, 23
See the wording of the paragraph for the 28 Contracting Parties referred to.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution VIII.7, 22
Ramsar Resolution VIII.8, 12
Ramsar Resolution VIII.8, 20
Are largely identical in their request to Contracting Parties to report to the Ramsar Bureau changes in the ecological character of Ramsar sites, thus implementing Ramsar Article 3, 2. Ramsar Resolution VIII.8, 12, Ramsar Resolution VIII.8, 13 and Ramsar Resolution VIII.8, 20 have been reaffirmed by Ramsar Resolution IX.15, 20.

Author Commentary 4

Author Commentary 5

WHC Operational Guidelines IV.A, 169
WHC Operational Guidelines IV.A, 172
These provisions form part of the process of Reactive Monitoring, which is the reporting by the Secretariat, other sectors of UNESCO and the Advisory Bodies to the Committee on the state of conservation of specific World Heritage properties under threat (WHC Operational Guidelines IV.A, 169). The criteria for the assessment of outstanding value of a World Heritage property can be found at WHC Operational Guidelines II.D, 77.

Author Commentary 6

WHC Decision 29 COM 7B.a, 10
This obligation is also relevant for activity 1, component 1 of this section (identification of inland waters, in this case those under most serious threats from climate change) and activity 1, component 1 of the management section (demonstrate management actions in response to the threats from climate change).