Activity 9: Collaborate with global assessments

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Provide views on the assessment of the relationship between the IPF/IFF proposals of action and the activities of the work programme on forest biodiversity: CBD Decision VII/1, 3
  • Participate in the Global Forest Resources Assessment and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: CBD Decision VII/6, 1
  • Involve experts in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment process: CBD Decision VI/7, C 2 (part 1)
  • Use the CMS Information System and provide feedback: CMS Resolution 7.8, 5
  • Integrate consideration of migratory species into the MA sub-global assessments: CMS Resolution 7.9, 9c
  • Participate in the development of the first Report on the State of the World’s Animal Genetic Resources: CBD Decision VI/5, 15

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