Activity 5: Provide resources domestically

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Author Commentary 0

CBD Decision VIII/1, 1 and
CBD Decision VIII/1, Annex:
This is priority action 16.3 of the programme of work on island biodiversity and refers to financing the implementation of this programme or work.

Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/28, 5 CBD Decision VII/28, Annex: Ensuring financial sustainability of protected areas and national and regional systems of protected areas is goal 3.4 of the programme of work on protected areas.

Author Commentary 2

CMS Resolution 6.4, 1
CMS Resolution 6.4, Annex:
Operational objective 4.2 (mobilize resources) of the Strategic Plan for 2000-2005 requests the mobilization of financial resources needed for conservation actions and the increase of the level of funding support external to CMS.