Activity 8: Support the Ramsar Convention and other institutions’ work

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Component 1: Support the Ramsar Conventions

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Component 2: Support other institutions’ work on inland waters:

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008, Operational Objective 16.1: The actions under this Operational Objective refer, amongst others, to the annual contributions to the Convention’s core budget (action 16.1.1) and additional voluntary contributions to other funds and programmes of the Convention (action 16.1.2).

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008, Operational Objective 17.1: The actions under this Operational Objective refer, amongst others, to the Strategic Plan and the modus operandi of the COP (action 17.1.1), national reports (action 17.1.3), the modus operandi of the Strategic and Technical Review Panel (STRP; action 17.1.4), the STRP focal points (actions 17.1.5 and 17.1.6), and the Ramsar Bureau work plans (action 17.1.7) as tools to implement this provision.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution IX.2, 10
Annex I to this resolution contains immediate priority and high priority tasks and the estimated costs of their delivery for the STRP’s programme of work 2006-2008, while Annex II contains a schedule of actions for scientific and technical implementation of the Ramsar Convention 2006-2011. See also Ramsar Resolution VIII.28, 10 that requests continuity of funding ensuring the effective work of STRP.

Author Commentary 7

Ramsar Resolution VIII.29, 11, Ramsar Resolution VII.19, 13, Ramsar Resolution VI.6, 10-12 Ramsar Resolution 5.8 All ask for contributions to the Ramsar Small Grants Fund and are widely identical.

Author Commentary 8

Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, 28 Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, Annex: Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, 28 Ramsar Resolution VII.28, 18 Are identical, but the former relates to the new Programme on communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) 2003-2008 of the Convention on Wetlands, thus replacing the outreach programme that the latter was referring to.

Author Commentary 9

Ramsar Resolution VII.19, 12 Ramsar Resolution VII.28, 20 Both ask for the provision of resources for the expansion of the Ramsar internship programme and are very similar.

Author Commentary 10

Ramsar Resolution 5.2, 7, Ramsar Resolution 5.2, 9 Ramsar Resolution 5.8 Refer to the Wetland Conservation Fund, which has subsequently become the Small Grants Fund.

Author Commentary 11

Author Commentary 11a

CBD Decision VIII/20, 2:
The paragraph refers to assisting the work of the Executive Secretary of the CBD and the Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention ‘on these matters’. This refers to the preceding paragraph which invites Parties, Governments, organizations and initiatives to promote the recognition and implementation of the inland water work programme by stakeholders, using information to be provided by processes identified in SBSTTA recommendation XI/9. Those processes include the review of processes and categories of activities that have or are likely to have significant adverse impacts on the conservation and sustainable use of inland water biodiversity.