Activity 1: Communicate inland water issues to stakeholders

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Resolution VIII.1, 16 Ramsar Resolution VIII.1, Annex The Guidelines for allocation and management of water for maintaining the ecological functions of wetlands contain principles, operationalizing the principles, the decision-making framework, the process for determining water allocations, scientific tools and methods, and implementation.

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution VIII.16, 18 Ramsar Resolution VIII.16, Annex The Principles and guidelines for wetland restoration use flowcharts to explain the guidelines for wetland restoration and the process for identification of potential wetland restoration projects.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution VII.9, 16 Ramsar Resolution VII.9, Annex The Convention’s Outreach Programme 1999-2002, as annexed to Ramsar Resolution VII.9, is now superseded by the Programme on communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) 2003-2008 of the Convention on Wetlands; see Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, Annex I.

Author Commentary 4

CMS Resolution 8.8, 2 CMS Resolution 8.8, Annex This provision refers to objective 3 of the Strategic Plan (CMS Resolution 6.4, Annex), to broaden awareness and enhance engagement in the conservation of migratory species amongst key actors.