Activity 2: Communicate inland water issues to the wider public

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008, Operational Objective 3.3 Among other actions, action 3.3.3 under this Operational Objective suggest the use of the Guiding principles for taking into account the cultural values of wetlands for the effective management of sites (Ramsar Resolution VIII.19, Annex).

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Recommendation 5.8 on promoting awareness of wetland values is very similar to Ramsar Recommendation 2.3, Annex (national measures 4.1), while the similar Ramsar Resolution VIII.19, 19 emphasises the cultural values of wetlands. Ramsar Resolution VIII.12, 14, Ramsar Resolution VIII.17, 12 and Ramsar Recommendation 7.1, 9 ask for improving the awareness of the values of specific wetlands, mountain wetlands and peatlands, respectively.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution VIII.17, 12 On improving awareness of the functions and values of peatlands repeats Ramsar Recommendation 7.1, 9.

Author Commentary 4

Ramsar Recommendation 2.3, Annex The Framework for Implementing the Convention on Wetlands asks under national measures, 4.1, for the promotion of public education and awareness with regard to the value of wetlands.

Author Commentary 5

CBD Decision VIII/20, 1:
The programme of work on the biodiversity of inland water ecosystems can be found in CBD Decision VII/4, Annex. This paragraph invites the use of information to be provided by processes identified in SBSTTA recommendation XI/9. Those processes include the review of processes and categories of activities that have or are likely to have significant adverse impacts on the conservation and sustainable use of inland water biodiversity.