Activity 6: Institutional requirements regarding CEPA

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Author Commentary 1

Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008, Operational Objective 9.1 The Convention’s Programme on Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) 2003-2008 can be found in Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, Annex I.

Author Commentary 2

Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, 20 Regarding CEPA Task Forces, repeats Ramsar Resolution VII.9, 9.

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, 20 Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, 21 Ramsar Resolution VII.9, 11 All ask for the development of CEPA Action Plans, with Ramsar Resolution VIII.31, 21 repeating Ramsar Resolution VII.9, 11, asking for these Action Plans to be components of environment policy instruments.