This section sets out the obligations on Parties relating to the assessment of IAS, including risk assessment, impact assessment, determining the presence of IAS, identification of IAS, reporting and indicators. The activities are ordered to begin with obligations for general issues of the assessment of IAS, followed by the more specific issues (e.g. relating to a specific ecosystem). Activity 16 has been added in this section: Assess island biodiversity

CBD and Ramsar obligations form the core of this section, reflecting the importance of IAS issues for many ecosystems. The assessment of IAS offers many possibilities for synergies not only between decisions of a particular convention but also between conventions. Possible synergies highlighted in the module include:

  • CMS and Ramsar encourage Parties to implement the CBD Guidelines for EIAs
  • CBD and Ramsar encourage further research into the threats of IAS
  • CMS and Ramsar both encourage the establishment between focal points and the International Association of Impact Assessment
  • Through obligation Ramsar Resolution VIII.26, 10, Parties are encouraged to use convention tools dealing with IAS from other MEAs

It should also be noted that the activity on the assessment of wetlands is closely linked to the section on assessment in the inland waters module. There is also a close link to the assessment section of the climate change module. It is recommended to check these sections for additional provisions on the subject

The Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) has published a number of documents, which can be downloaded from their website.