Norwegian experiences in the national use and applicability of the TEMATEA Issue-Based Modules on Invasive Alien Species
Norway has been working on harmonisation within the field of biological diversity for a long time and was a Pilot Country for the development and implementation of the Issue-Based Module on Invasive Alien Species (IAS).

Supporting coherent national implementation

Several Norwegian Ministries have collaborated to develop a Norwegian National Strategy on Alien Species that was launched on the 31st of May 2007.

This case-study has reviewed how the Issue-Based Module on IAS could be used to make an early draft of the Norwegian National Strategy more concrete and ensure more coherent implementation of MEAs across sectors.

Several approaches on how to use the module were suggested.

  • One approach was to check the single initiatives in the draft Norwegian National Strategy against the obligations and commitments from the different MEAs listed in the module, which provided a useful insight to where the draft Strategy supported implementation of MEAs as well as the weaker parts.
  • Another suggestion was for the different Ministries to look at obligations in different MEAs that overlap and could be implemented simultaneously across sectors.
  • A third suggestion on how to use the module was to compare some thematic initiatives from the draft Strategy with relevant obligations from the MEAs.

The overall impression is that while the Norwegian Draft Strategy covered the relevant obligations and commitments of the MEAs, the listed initiatives on how to follow up were quite vague. The Workshop illustrated that the IAS TEMATEA module could support making the elements within the National Strategy more specific, to comply with international obligations.

The final version of the Norwegian National Strategy on Alien Species states that the Issue-Based Modules are expected to be useful in the further implementation of the Strategy.

Supporting national communication among experts

The case-study and the workshop contributed to make experts in different Ministries more aware of IAS and TEMATEA; and highlighted material that is relevant to their work but covered under other processes.

Supporting coherent national positions internationally

The Norwegian experts also underlined that TEMATEA could be used when preparing for international negotiations as the website helps identify gaps and synergies between MEAs that should be further targeted.

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