Activity 1: Develop assessment methods

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Component 1

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Support and develop risk analysis including environment risk assessment, alert lists, diagnostic tool and capacity development for national and regional decision-making and rapid response: CBD Decision VII/13, 6b
  • Identify national needs and priorities for IAS: CBD Decision VI/23, 10a
  • Integrate environment impact assessments into the programme of work for IAS: CBD Decision V/18, 1a
  • Collaborate on the development and use of early warning systems and of rapid response mechanisms:CBD Decision IX/4, B7.

  • Promote and support integrated national, regional and subglobal ecosystem assessment including response scenarios build on the framework of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: CBD Decision IX/15, 1.

  • Develop protocols for IAS identifications building on relevant standards under the International Plant Protection Convention: CBD Decision IX/22, 4(b), Annex, Output 5.16.9. SEE COMMENTARY 1

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision IX/22, 4(b), Annex,Output 5.16.9: This is directed to Parties as well as relevant organizations, and calls for outputs to be produced in a timely manner, in local languages and using local species names. The annexed programme of work planned output suggests actors to include IPPC, SCBD, BioNET INTERNATIONAL, Species 2000 and ITIS Catalog of Life