Activity 4: Report to the CBD Secretariat

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Component 1: Notify the CBD Secretariat

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Notify the Executive Secretary of the CBD of the names and addresses of the focal points and competent authorities: CBD Decision V/26, 2
  • Communicate to the CBD Secretariat, competent national authorities responsible for granting access to genetic resources and/or competent national authorities to provide information on the granting of access to genetic resources: CBD Decision III/15, 6
  • Submit to the CBD Executive Secretary information on existing national definitions or other relevant definitions of the following terms: access to genetic resources, benefit sharing, commercialization, derivatives, provider, user, stakeholder, ex situ collection, and voluntary nature, as well as views on whether additional terms need to be considered, such as arbitrary restrictions: CBD Decision VII/19, B.1
  • Conduct and communicate to the Executive Secretary, for dissemination through means such as the clearing-house mechanism, case studies of the impacts of intellectual property rights on the achievement of the Convention’s objectives, including relationships between intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge, which consider, inter alia, the role and the potential of existing intellectual property rights systems in arrangements by which interested parties including indigenous and local communities and countries may determine access to and share equitably the benefits of genetic resources or knowledge, innovations and practices: CBD Decision III/17, 1(d)
  • Submit case-studies, lessons learned and other relevant information on incentive measures, especially on positive and perverse incentives, to the Executive Secretary: CBD Decision VI/15, 5
  • Submit to the Executive Secretary information on the legal status of genetic resources in their national law, including their property law where applicable: CBD Decision VIII/4, 10
  • Access and benefit-sharing national focal points: Facilitate the process of gathering and submitting relevant information to the Secretariat, taking into account the need to consult widely, including with indigenous and local communities: CBD Decision VII/19, B.2

  • Provide regular reports on progress, including outcome-oriented information, to the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity: CBD Decision IX/8, 8 (t) SEE COMMENTARY 1
Component 2: Prepare

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Include in national reports information regarding the implementation of capacity-building measures on access to genetic resources and related traditional knowledge, and benefit-sharing: CBD Decision VII/19, F.5
  • Include in national reports the lessons learned through activities undertaken to implement national clearing-house mechanisms: CBD Decision IV/2, 2
  • Supply information about the implementation of Article 8 (j) and related articles, for example, national legislation and administrative and incentive measures, and include such information in national reports: CBD Decision III/14, 2

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Author Commentary 1

This refers to the establishment of national mechanisms including indicators, as appropriate, and the promotion of regional cooperation to monitor implementation of national biodiversity strategies and action plans and progress towards national targets.