Andean Community Decision 391



The Third Temporary Provision of Commission Decision 345 and Board Proposal 284/Rev. 1;


The Member Countries have sovereignty over the use and development of their resources, a principle that has also been ratified by the Agreement on Biological Diversity, signed in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 and legalized by the five Member Countries;

The Member Countries possess a sizeable biological and genetic heritage that should be preserved and developed on a sustainable basis;

The Andean countries are characterized by their multi-ethnic and pluricultural nature;

The biological diversity, the genetic resources, their endemism and rarity, as well as the know-how, innovations and practices of the native, Afro-American and local communities associated with them, have a strategic value in the international context;

It is necessary to recognize the historic contribution made by the native, Afro-American, and local communities to the biological diversity, its conservation and development and the sustained use of its components, as well as to the benefits generated by that contribution;

A close interdependence exists between the native, Afro-American and local communities and the biological resources that should be reinforced, in keeping with the conservation of the biological diversity and the economic and social development of those communities and of the Member Countries;

It is necessary to strengthen integration and scientific, technical and cultural cooperation, while moving ahead with the harmonious and comprehensive development of the Member Countries;

Genetic resources have an enormous economic value as a primary source of products and processes for industry;


To approve the following:

Common Regime On Access To Genetic Resources