Activity 5: Cooperation

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General obligations

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Adopt national laws, regulations, policies and procedures necessary to promote and facilitate marine scientific research and cooperation, UNGA Resolution 57/141, 23
  • Consider the Ramsar guidelines for international cooperation as part of policy and legal frameworks, Ramsar Resolution VII/19, 11
  • When reviewing approaches to restoration, address legislation, incentives for wetland conservation, impact assessment and transboundary action, Ramsar Resolution VII/17, 13
  • Strengthen the international legal framework for intergovernmental cooperation in the management of fish stocks and in combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, UNGA Resolution 63/112, 48

Indirectly relevant obligations and commitments

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/29, 2 and CBD Decision VII/29, Annex : Operational target 3.2 of the programme of work on technology transfer and technological and scientific cooperation is about development and implementation of national institutional, administrative, legislative and policy frameworks to facilitate cooperation and access to technologies.